5 tips you should know when travel in Brasil

The following tips will help you have a happy and confident trip to Brazil.

1. Choose the right place to visit

If you do not spend your whole life visiting Brazil, you will always miss some very interesting places here. It’s hard to decide where to go and where to skip. No matter where you travel, but for a country as large as Brazil, the distance is something you need to consider. According to the experience of those who have visited this place, a maximum of two locations per week.

2. Limit travel

Don’t think the bus will take you anywhere and don’t think it will be on time. The bus will make you tired when traveling far. Think of other ways such as small trucks.

3. Ignore the cheap inns

This may be advice applicable to all travelers anywhere. For cheap motels, besides the immediate benefit is cheap, the disadvantage is that it may not give you a good night’s sleep after a long trip. In addition to choosing a hotel that is too expensive, you can choose an alternative accommodation which is “pousada” – accommodation of the locals is reasonably priced and very warm. “Pousada” really gives you the opportunity to connect, closer to the people here.

4. Learn some Portuguese

Not all Brazilian people can speak English. There are only two types of people who can speak English: the rich go to the best schools and the people who work in the tourism industry. Of course, there are many types of people in the second type, such as: those who work in the tourism industry properly (waiters and tour guides) or scammers you never want to meet. Portuguese is really a more useful tool than a guide book, especially when you want to mingle with the locals.

5. Prepare a good pair of sandals

Wearing sandals or open-toed sandals with straps between the big toe and second toe has become a cultural feature in everyday life of Brazilians, although it may be too jumbled in the eyes of the cultures. other chemicals. In addition it will help your feet comfortable during the long trip. If you wear a pair of tennis shoes with shorts will make you too prominent compared to the local people.