Welcome to “Brazil Road Trips”

Being a motorcycle traveler, for me, “a place” is not as much a city or a village, but rather a region where I travel through.

I rarely have a fixed route plan when I leave on a trip, just a general idea of where I would like to go, and the places I would like to visit along the way, and most of the time I get tons of information about interesting things or places to see on the go, from local people, and that is how you come across some of the most amazing places.Since I moved to Brazil, almost four years ago, I traveled tens of thousands of miles around the country, both on my motorcycle and in my Land Rover Defender. I covered most of the south-east region, but also parts of the South and north-east.

During the many days on the road, traveling as much as possible on small back roads instead of the major highways, I saw many different sides of Brazil:

the extravagance of the city of Rio de Janeiro, “Gringo Paradise” Búzios, the mountains and lush coastal forests of the south and south east, unspoiled beaches and tropical Islands, the Banana, pineapple and coffee plantations in Espirito Santo, countless waterfalls, the canyons of the Chapada Diamantina in the interior of Bahia…

Brazil has so much to offer if you just take the road less traveled.

Traveling on a motorcycle, besides being the most fun way to wander around a country like Brazil, has a number of advantages. You are the one in control, you always have a front row seat, you are one with the surrounding scenery and thanks to the fact that you HAVE to stop every 150-200km to take gas, eat, go to the bathroom, etc…, you get to know places and people who are still pure, or not “contaminated” by tourism.In almost every gas station, people will start asking where you’re from, where you’re going and start giving you tips on where to go or avoid going. This way you will learn very quickly that Brazil, despite being branded sometimes as a dangerous place, is no more dangerous than your average European country.

The people here are amazingly friendly and hospitable, and always ready to help wherever they can, offering you a place to stay or inviting you to share a meal with them.

Add to that the astonishing beauty of the Brazilian interior, its mountains, coasts and deserts, and it is not hard to imagine how a gringo like me lost his heart to this travel paradise…

I still have a lot more to discover, and so I hereby want to invite you to wander around on this blog and join me on my journey to discover the real Brazil… one road trip at the time.