Stadium to Stadium: The Three Most Stunning Road Trips in Brazil

It’s Brazil. And, unsurprisingly, the world is headed to this South American nation. We know you would like to indulge in some Football frenzy and Salsa your way through the country.

We are taking you on a whirlwind behind-the-wheel adventure through the notorious Brazilian Rodovias. You’ll catch the matches, but getting to these 12 host cities is what we are excited about. From long coastal roads to swamps and potholes, you’ll see Brazil beyond the decked-up stadiums and after-match parties. So, get yourself a ride, steal a map and throttle on for a road trips in Brazil.

1. São Paulo to Porto Alegre

  • Distance: 1140 km
  • Time: 14 hours
  • Route: BR 116/376/101/290

Leave the football frenzy in Sao Paolo behind and gear up for the long, coastal road to Porto Alegre. You’ll be flirting with the BR-101 (Brazil’s longest highway) through most of it. The highway might test you in bits and pieces all through its length with undulating potholes and intermittent construction, but the spectacular ocean views and enticing stops along the way more than make up for it.

2. Porto Alegre to Curitiba

  • Distance: 700 km
  • Time: 9 hours
  • Route: BR 116 North

Connecting two of southern Brazil’s biggest cities, the BR 116 forges its way up North, leaving the Brazilian Pampas and Gaucho country behind. You’ll drive through Rio Grande do Sul’s and Santa Caterina’s varied geography offering a blend of low mountain ranges, grassy plains and Araucaria moist forests. We recommend a stopover in Brazil’s wine country, Caxias do Sul, for the best of Brazilian wines and Italian cuisine.

3. Curitiba to Belo Horizonte

  • Distance: 1000 km
  • Time: 11 hours
  • Route: BR 116/381

Chances are that you will not want to bid adieu to Curitiba’s easy vibe and the FIFA celebrations in Barigui Park. But, we insist you do. The road to Belo Horizonte will take you through an enticing assortment of landscape ranging from mountains, valleys, vast fertile lands, hydro-mineral spas and coffee plantations. You’ll leave the state of Paraná, rush through São Paulo and enter Minas Gerais, home to Belo Horizonte. Make a stop at the Coffee plantations in the south before dashing upwards to the capital.